What marketplaces should I sell on?

For many the choice of which Marketplaces they sell on comes after the decision to sell online. For them, the challenge is often integrating their product data and developing their promotional strategy. For most however the consideration of Marketplaces should have started with some more fundamental questions:

  • Is my customer to be found on these marketplaces? If not then what are your considering them?
  • What job am I expecting the Marketplace to do? Sell discounted products? Reach a certain customer?
  • How do the marketplaces portray my brand? They are sometimes deemed brand damaging.
  • Could I just sell certain products via marketplaces and not online?
  • Am I looking for a more price conscious shopper?
  • How competitive am I on price? Marketplaces can brutally expose lack of competitiveness.
  • Am I trying to operate in a market that requires a Marketplace presence?
  • Who is going to manage this and what tools do they need to do the job?
  • Will I be able to integrate my product feed to enable a good in stock selling experience?
  • How do I co-ordinate fulfilment with my current site?
  • Will I make a profit on an order after commission, delivery etc.?

Marketplaces can perform a key selling job to a wider audience of customers but can sometimes be something businesses just do rather than need.

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