How can I develop omni-channel marketing?

Omni-Channel marketing should back up your Omni-Channel retail strategy. Just because there is now a wider selection of ways to make your marketing message count, all elements of customer marketing need to stay consistent with your brand. The keys here are to maintain measurability of your spending, whilst breaking down barriers between channels:

  • One marketing strategy. Is there a separation between online and offline marketing plans eg a brand plan, an advertising plan, a direct marketing plan. If so, you will undoubtedly be confusing your customer and making less than optimised returns on your marketing.
  • One promotional plan. In the same way that the strategy needs aligning, so does the weekly/monthly promotional plan to reinforce key messages no matter what the marketing channel.
  • In-store online sales. Some in-store promotional activity needs to promote the benefit of online sales.
  • Online in-store sales. Some products viewed online will naturally be bought after seeing them in store so that link needs to be made.
  • Attribution. In effect the sales journey has become much more complex. Various analytical tools such as Google Analytics are attempting to make the link between where a journey started and how it ends.

The reality is that channel complexity requires ever more brand simplicity so that messages and marketing impact can be consistent, impactful and measured.

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