How do I grow my ecommerce conversion rate?

“How can I increase my conversion if mine is too low?”

We have been asked this question many times but the reality is that your conversion rate is a barometer of the appeal of your proposition. It is too often judged as an isolated statistic rather than being considered as a composite measure of where you are on your brand and eCommerce evolution.

The average UK retail conversion rate is reported to be 2.98%.Source. Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly Q1 2015. Some reasons which you may see a high or low conversion are:

High converting brand indicators…

  • Exclusive/High appeal products
  • High seasonality
  • Good internal testing capability
  • Strong commercial eCommerce advocate/manager
  • Strong omni-channel operation and strategy
  • Strong site on multi device/multi platform
  • Loyal customer base
  • Great service offering
  • Account or rolling credit based propositions

Low converting brand indicators…

  • Commodity products
  • New to market brands
  • Difficult user journey on site
  • Poorly developed digital marketing strategy
  • Store based retailers with no ecommerce function
  • eCommerce a separate internal business
  • Poorly developed checkout

Conversion is never the same for two retailers because we are all on different journeys with our brands, our strategy, our technology, our people and processes.

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