eCommerce consulting

Transaction – The consultants who don’t want to be!

Lets face it “Consultancy” gets a bad press. When people hold opinions such as “they just steal your watch to tell you the time” to “What did they deliver?” its no wonder.

Before setting up our eCommerce consultancy we would have said the same, having employed some of the best management consultancies in the business. As a result we deliberately set up our partnership to be about:

• Delivering measurable change. Be it a Project or a new development
• Practical not theoretical. We deliver projects but when our clients haven’t got the resource or expertise we give ours to the point where the project is moving again.
• Recommendations not just analysis. Having understood your business, we apply our expertise to give you deliverable solutions that will make an impact.

As an eCommerce consultant our recommendation would be to really consider where you are before employing anyone. Are you

• Clear about what change you need? If you are then you may be able to move straight to a project. If you are not then you may need to get someone to get to the root of your performance and see a path ahead.
• Specialist or generalist. Can you isolate the area of change you need? If so then a general management consultancy may not be best. There are many specialists in the industry that could just fix your problem.
• People buy people. Make sure you are happy with who you will work with and don’t just buy a consultancy name.