How do I improve my eCommerce performance?

eCommerce is essentially a controllable discipline that requires the right mindset and skill set to optimise results. There are many ways to improvement but some initial questions you can ask yourself are:

  1. Do I have a consistent Dashboard of eCommerce indicators that a analyse every week?
  2. Do I understand why I am losing customers at my checkout?
  3. Does someone have the experience and focus to own eCommerce performance?
  4. Is my customer bounce rate high (the amount of customers lost from the first page they see on your site). A normal rate might be 25-30% and above this it could be speed or engagement issues holding you back.
  5. Do you focus on how you can get “organic” (free/cheap) customers from within all customer contact points?
  6. Do you have customer satisfaction ratings and respond to customer feedback?
  7. Am I integrating my eCommerce with my other channels to provide a consistent buying experience?
  8. Do I have a testing strategy and a AB test/control mechanism in place?

There are many ways to improve performance but they require experience and tight control to achieve them.

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Am I losing customers in my ecommerce checkout?

Most eCommerce retailers find that for every 100 site visitors only 3 will order. The reality is likely to be that 6 customers start the checkout process, so where did we lose the other 3?


Have I got the right ecommerce team, management and skills?

eCommerce and Digital have emerged from the same skillset as Direct Marketing, in that all activities can be tested, measured and then rolled out appropriately provided you have the right skill set to do this.