How do I get ecommerce best practice?

Best practice can come from many different sources. As the eCommerce market has matured there are some commonalities about websites that make sense and work well for users and companies. However, that is no use if you are new or not specialist in this arena.

To get some best practice help without spending lots of money, we would suggest the following reference points to develop your knowledge.

  • In-house resource. Are there experts in some other parts of your business that you can co-opt?
  • Jakob Nielson. One of the original Guru’s in eCommerce site usability.
  • LinkedIn Groups. Can you join a LinkedIin group or are you part of a trade association with a forum where you can post questions?
  • Competitor set. Can you make some conclusions from assessing your competitor set against your site?
  • Large retailers. Big retailers stay big by spending large amounts on user testing, so the approach they take in the checkout, for instance, will be highly thought through and optimized. Check out
  • eConsultancy. A great resource with both free and paid for services.
  • Internet Retailing. A retail industry ‘best-in–class’ publication with seminars and expos that are well worth attending too.

Of course, if the question is where can I get best practice eCommerce advice? Then Transaction Partnership is always available as well! Contact us

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