eCommerce challenges

The evolution in eCommerce and Digital over the past decade has increased the need for all companies to rethink how they engage with their customers. As a result there are common Challenges we see across the industry and the clients we work for. These pages aim to give you a starting point for thinking about the most common ones.


Have I got the right website platform?

We are often asked “what is the best website platform?”, but it is never that straightforward. It is always down to where you are and where you want to be.


How do I get ecommerce best practice?

As a way to see some level of best practice, without spending lots of money, we would suggest the following reference points to develop your knowledge.


Have I got the right eCommerce strategy?

The first question for many is have you actually got a strategy for eCommerce? Is there some stated strategic aim or objective concerning digital or eCommerce or is it just that we have a website and we hope it grows?


How do I integrate my ecommerce systems?

Integration between website platforms and other retail technology can often be the most under-estimated part of delivering an eCommerce site and potentially the most debilitating if you get it wrong.


Have I got the right ecommerce infrastructure?

Often eCommerce technology conversations are focussed on the web platform, however today we need to look at the whole infrastructure of technology that supports it.


Am I losing customers in my ecommerce checkout?

Most eCommerce retailers find that for every 100 site visitors only 3 will order. The reality is likely to be that 6 customers start the checkout process, so where did we lose the other 3?


Have I got the right ecommerce team, management and skills?

eCommerce and Digital have emerged from the same skillset as Direct Marketing, in that all activities can be tested, measured and then rolled out appropriately provided you have the right skill set to do this.


How do I create eCommerce customers?

The reality is that you are trying to get customers who will buy and engage in many ways rather than creating an eCommerce customer


How do I improve my eCommerce performance?

eCommerce is essentially a controllable discipline that requires the right mindset and skill set to optimise results.


How do I drive eCommerce profitability?

There has often been a knee-jerk response to implementing eCommerce technology without adequate consideration of the basics of profitability and return on investment.