eCommerce agencies

The explosion of media, technology and techniques in the Digital and eCommerce space means that it is very difficult to see what it is that Agencies truly have the capability to do.

Before you employ an eCommerce agency there are some initial questions you may want to ask them:
• Where did they start out? Which aspects of work or consultancy did they start to do? This often shows where the heart of the company competency is.
• What is the mix of their resource experience in-house? Is the long staff list hiding the fact that most things they claim to do are not backed up by any specific staff.
• Who would I get working on my business? What level of expertise are they?
• Track record? How many clients have you done my work for and how many are retained?

You may find it useful to consider your needs versus the type of agency on offer:
Specialist. Do they primarily two one or two things well? e.g.Marketing (SEO, PPC etc.) and technology specialists.


Generalist. Are they a wide range of things and can turn their hands to most? e.g. Management consultants.


Practical. Do they deliver projects? e.g. Website build agencies


Theoretical. Are they primarily advisory or theorists? e.g. Business analysts

Transaction live in the world of being Practical Specialists in eCommerce, being able to analyse your performance and deliver change to deliver growth.